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15 Quick Vegan Eggs Recipes, Let’s Give It A Try

If you’re new to veganism, you might miss eggs. People frequently believe that it is difficult to find or prepare vegan ‘egg’ dishes. However, there are numerous options. Plant-based eating is extremely creative, and there are numerous ways to replicate the flavor and texture of your favorite classic dishes, including vegan eggs!

vegan eggs

What are vegan eggs?

Just eggs have been made to resemble real eggs, using turmeric and mung bean protein to create an egg-like texture and flavor. Some people said that they were pleasantly surprised by its similarity to chicken eggs in its texture, smell, and taste.


Are vegan eggs healthy?

Vegan eggs are healthier than their chicken-derived counterparts in many ways. 

Firstly, they contain no cholesterol. In high quantities, cholesterol, which is found in conventional eggs, can lead to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Vegan eggs are also TMAO-free. This toxic compound, full name trimethylamine oxide, is associated with a higher risk of heart disease and stroke. When choline (found in eggs) enters the body, it can be turned into TMAO by gut bacteria.

One of the main reasons people eat eggs is for protein, but many vegan egg products also offer high amounts of the nutrient. Eat Just’s folded egg has a whopping seven grams of protein per serving, for example. In contrast, a typical chicken egg contains six grams of protein.


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Some famous brands to buy vegan eggs

1. Crackd

UK-based brand Crackd has created a vegan egg product that “cooks, bakes, acts, and tastes just like an egg.” You can fry it to make an omelette, bake it to make brownies, and even use it to make quiches and frittatas, just like a regular chicken egg.

It took the brand 22 attempts to create powdered vegan eggs before its food scientists realized, in 2017, that “powdered egg is for ration books, not vegan cooks.”

After many more attempts at creating a suitable vegan egg product, Crackd’spea protein-based liquid egg hit the market in 2020.


2. JustEgg

Eat Just’s Just Egg is arguably the most well-known vegan egg product on the market. Its signature product, like Crackd, is liquid and can be used as a direct egg substitute in a variety of recipes. It can even be scrambled.

In addition to liquid eggs, the company sells Folded Plant Eggs. These are great for egg muffins and bagels in the morning because they can be popped in the toaster or microwave and ready in minutes.

The brand is consistently expanding to new retailers and countries; it’s available in more than 19,000 grocers, and more than 500 foodservice locations.


3. Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart used to be a simple soup and sandwich counter. It is now a global brand, available in over 25 countries around the world. It focuses on healthy, sustainable, and compassionate food, and its products include vegan mayonnaise, cheese, and its VeganEgg. The versatile substitute, which comes in traditional egg box packaging, is ideal for baking sweet treats like muffins and cakes, and it can also be scrambled.


4. Simply Eggless

Simply Eggless (created by Simply Brand Foods) accepts that eggs are tasty, but the brand doesn’t support factory farming involved in producing chicken eggs, which is harmful to animals and the planet. As a result, it developed its own vegan egg that tastes like an egg but isn’t one. According to its website, “caging sweet little chickens and forcing them to lay 320 eggs over a short lifespan of about 72 weeks isn’t the solution.” Plant-based eggs, on the other hand, are.”

Simply Egg’s offering is liquid, similar to Eat Just and Crackd, but unlike the former, it is made with lupin beans. They’re high in protein and natural prebiotic fibers, so they’re also good for your gut. Simply Eggless is available in stores across the United States, including select Wegmans and Buehlers.


5. Zero Egg

Zero Egg’s tagline is “real taste with a featherlight footprint.” The Israeli company’s mission is to “empower the era of sustainable foods with a plant-based egg that is better for everyone.” The product, which cooks, scrambles, and bakes like eggs (you know the drill), is made from a blend of plant-based proteins including chickpea, pea, soy, and potato.

It’s available in two varieties: Egg Basics (for scrambling, etc) and Bake Basics (for, you guessed it, baking). Zero Egg is also working on vegan egg patties for quick-service restaurants. At the moment, Zero Eggs are available to foodservice operators and manufacturers across the U.S., Europe, and Israel.


15 quick vegan eggs recipes

1. Omelet Muffins

Omelet Muffins

Evi Oravecz’s Omelet Muffins recipe may appear fancy, especially if you call it a soufflé and serve it as part of a beautiful dinner, but it’s actually very simple. A food processor, a few simple ingredients, and some baking ramekins are all you need. You can also prepare the batter and sautéed vegetables the night before, then simply turn on the oven when you wake up. The muffins will rise high (like a good soufflé) and then gradually sink, so get them to the table as soon as possible. They’re still delicious the next day, even cold, but they won’t be as pretty. The leftovers make a delicious sandwich spread.


2. ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble

The paste used in this ‘Eggy’ Tofu Scramble by Magdalena Pienkos contains a magic ingredient that makes tofu taste like an egg and it is unbelievable!


3. Southwestern Tofu Scramble With Roast Potatoes

This is a filling breakfast with vibrant colors and flavors! Rini Desai’s Tofu Scramble with Southwestern Flavors is the ideal way to start the day. Tofu is crumbled and cooked with black beans, corn, bell pepper, and Tex-Mex spices before being served over hearty roasted potatoes.


4. Breakfast ‘Egg’ Muffins

Breakfast ‘Egg’ MuffinsWithout the egg, egg muffins. At its finest, innovation. Philipp Ertl’s ‘Egg’ Muffins make ‘eggy!’ Nutritional yeast and black salt These products are ideal for breakfast: short breakfast, oven pop and serve. And they’re far too adorable to get through. Not only are they full of protein, soy and gluten-free, but they are also super delicious.


5. Sunny Side Up Fried ‘Egg’

Vegan Fried’Egg’s Miriam Sorrell is very easy to do when you see how. Like all great things, after conceptualization, manufacturing and serving they are simple – so often with the advantage of retrospect! So awesome! So, would you like eggs? Without cholesterol or cruelty, but with great taste, you can eat your heart out. The egg white is good, the yolk is good for you. Well, you like it. Now in minutes, you can make fried vegan eggs. Once you make them, you just have to look at the recipe for future quantities – yeah, that’s so easy!


6. Chickpea and Asparagus Frittata

Colorful, delicious, and so versatile! Lisa Dobler‘s Frittata recipe is made from chickpea flour is really great addition to any brunch!


7. Garbanzo Bean Flour Omelets

The omelets of Garbanzo Bean Flour of Maya Sozer make for an exquisite and nourishing breakfast with all protein and no cholesterol, similar in texture, taste and feel to omelets for eggs, but much richer and smoother.


8. Tofu Benedict With Hollandaise

Tofu Benedict With HollandaiseIf you haven’t yet, give tofu a real chance. It comes in many textures, and the seasoning and cooking techniques are all right! Think again, if you thought your vegan life would never let you plunge deeper into a plate with beanies. Try the Hot For Food cookbook and see the Hollandaise Tofu Benedict!


9. Sweet Potato Frittata

Taryn Fitz-Gerald‘s vegan Sweet Potato Frittata is made with sautéed onions and chickpea flour. It’s the perfect dish that is full of great nutrition and can be beautifully plated with a crisp green salad.


10. Chickpea Flour Quiche

The little gems of Chrysta Hiser Chickpea Meal Quiches are a snackable, portable type of chickpea flour omelet. “Mmmm, yes, I could eat about five of these…” I thought when I first took these off the oven I was in mind. Man’s been I mistaken. These are ridiculous, but surprisingly light, and after one I was pretty happy.


11. Chickpea Flour Omelet With Turmeric Mushrooms

Chickpea Flour Omelet With Turmeric MushroomsWith Deniz Kilic’s Chickpea Flour Omelet the breakfast just had the big upgrade. You might have to cook it right a few times, but it is SO worth it. It tastes eggy and satisfying with no cholesterol and can make it a big omelet party with countless toppings. It ought to have more people. You ought to be the first one. Prepare yourselves to see the magic of the flour.


12. Spicy Tofu Scramble and Avocado Breakfast Burritos

Burrito is the right way to kick off your morning, Sara Hohn’s spicy breakfast. It is packed with chips, fresh Jalapeño, greens, avocados, and a tangy hot sauce, make it a delicious and handy breakfast or brunch. This is a very good place to eat. Even if jalapeño isn’t spicy enough, you can add some black beans, or a shrimp of Sriracha.


13. Runny Fried ‘Egg’

In the middle of the pan-seared sensitive tofu pieces that evoke egg white Nancy Montuori’s vegan egg yolk. This vegan egg yolk is a lot to enjoy. On a toast or vegan Eggs Benedict you can make a simple vegan fried egg sandwich. You can even use it with vegan toasts as a simple morning sauce.


14. Potato Hash and Tofu Scramble Skillet

This large hot- for-food breakfast skillet is perfect for serving hungry mouths in the household! Serve food in a pot gives you a warm and flimsy feeling inside and somehow improves the taste of the meal.


15. Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble

Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu ScrambleThe “cheesy” tofu scramble of Christina Bedetta is a beautiful meal to start your day. Tender onions and garlic are slowly mixed in tofu and tied with the nooch’s cheesiness and finished with the flavor of fresh basil.


Hope you enjoy these delicious vegan egg recipes.


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